Dienstag, September 22, 2009

Buchankündigung: Jewish Terrorism in Israel

Das Buchmagazin Publishers Weekly stellt das im November erscheinende Buch Jewish Terrorism in Israel vor:

Israeli academics Pedahzur (The Israeli Secret Service and the Struggle Against Terrorism) and Perliger (Middle East Terrorism) point out that Muslim extremists don't hold a monopoly on terrorism: Israel has seen hundreds of attacks by Jewish terrorists—most directed against Palestinians, but some against the state itself. The authors present a carefully constructed theoretical model, positing that “radicalization within a specific counterculture, fostered by a threatening external event and portrayed by spiritual leaders as catastrophic” precipitate violence—not just by Jewish extremists but “any counterculture that adheres to a totalistic ideology.” Indeed, the authors see clear parallels between Jewish terrorist cells and their Muslim counterparts, and stress that mere faith isn't enough to create violent intent (they note that “religious terrorist groups... made up less than 15 percent of all terrorist groups active in the 20th century”). Pedahzur and Perliger occasionally slip into academese and assume a close knowledge of Israeli political minutiae, but in combining exhaustive analysis with straight-forward language and compelling nonfiction narrative, they provide excellent insight into a little reported and even lesser understood reality.

Dieses Buch könnte nicht nur für die Kritiker rassistischer Sprücheklopferei interessant sein ("Nicht alle Muslime sind Terroristen, aber 99% aller Terroristen sind Muslime" und vergleichbarer Unsinn), sondern ähnlich wie die aktuellen Neuerscheinungen Avraham Burgs und Alfred Grossers neue Fakten und Argumente in die Nahost-Debatte, abseits der engen Bahnen der Politischen Korrektheit, einbringen.