Donnerstag, Mai 19, 2011

Washington Times: Männerrechtler sehen neues Geschlechtergefälle als "nationale Krise"

“If just one sex wins, both sexes lose.”

These words, presented Tuesday at an event in Washington sponsored by the Boys Initiative, are intended to start a national conversation aimed at improving the outcomes for American boys and men in school, work, marriage and health.

The figures are stark: Compared to girls, boys are less educated and more medicated. One in five men of prime working age is not working. Men have a life expectancy five years shorter than women. Male suicide rates start out equal to females, but steadily rise over the lifespan.

(...) If President Obama were to establish by executive order a White House Council on Boys to Men, just as he created the White House Council on Women and Girls in March 2009, it would immediately raise the profile of these problems, added Mr. Farrell, who Tuesday released a lengthy proposal about such a council from the commission.

“I am convinced today that we have a national crisis, a national security issue, a state-of-emergency issue and a nation at risk. If anybody cannot understand that, as we talk about investments and the return on those investments - which are our boys - then it is very clear we are going in the wrong direction,” said Willie Iles, national director of government relations for Boy Scouts of America.

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