Dienstag, Februar 23, 2010

"Germany: Freedom to speak on racism under threat"

Dass in Deutschland die Meinungsfreiheit bedroht ist, sobald man Rassismus thematisieren möchte, haben inzwischen auch ausländische Beobachter wie in diesem Fall Liz Fekete in Großbritannien mitbekommen:

In Germany, an anti-racist academic faces prosecution for questioning whether court negligence could have been a contributory factor in the case of Marwa al-Sherbini, who was stabbed to death in a Dresden courtroom in July 2009.

Some of Germany's foremost academics, journalists, peace campaigners, trades unionists and politicians have formed the Action Group Against Racism and for Freedom of Expression and Academic Freedom (Aktionsbündnis gegen Rassismus und für Meinungs-und Wissenschaftsfreiheit). The Alliance is concerned about the implications for academic freedom posed by the prosecution of Dr Sabine Schiffer, Director of the Institute for Media Responsibility in Erlangen. Dr Schiffer is accused of slandering a police officer; she has been summonsed to appear before Erlangen Municipal Court on 24 March and, if convicted, could face a 6,000 Euros fine or two months imprisonment.

Hier geht es weiter.