Freitag, April 09, 2010

Afghanistans Frauen: Schließt unsere Männer nicht aus!

"Women are put at greater risk of violence when they must return home to frustrated, unemployed husbands who don't understand why their wives are getting training and credit and they are not," says Ritu Sharma, president of Women Thrive Worldwide.

It's time, says Sharma, to look at helping Afghan women in a more inclusive way – and that means including brothers and husbands – as well as sisters and wives.

"Gender is about looking at the different roles ... that men and women have in their families ... and then designing projects that meet _everyone's_ needs."

For example, instead of targeting only the woman in an Afghan family for, let's say, a "micro-loan," or a small loan, to start a family business, it might be wise to include her husband. In today's Afghanistan, the traditional family unit is all-important, and, like it or not, the husband is still the head of the family. He's not used to seeing his wife make decisions, let alone seeing her run her own business. But, if he is on-board with his wife's project, it might mean a gradual acceptance of his wife's new role in the family.

World Vision International, an organization committed to community development around the world, says "inclusiveness" works.

Komische Idee, geschlechterpolitische Maßnahmen auch zugunsten von Männern auszuweiten. Auf sowas kann auch nur ein Land wie Afghanistan kommen …

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