Donnerstag, Juni 03, 2010

Kritischer Israeli prangert Vasallentreue seiner Landsleute an

Na, das ist doch mal ein inhaltlich und rhetorisch überzeugender Text:

My fellow citizens, harm is not brought upon us because of poor Hasbara (PR). We are harmed because we are stupid enough to believe this Libermanian propaganda ourselves. It is a fact that the Israeli public has twice as much faith in the army, as in the media (a fact of which the military is aware of and exploits). This means that we are genuinely starting to believe that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, that the world is biased against us, that the term ‘human rights’ is a euphemism for anti-Semitism, that Anat Kam is a spy, and that we had no option but to hijack the flotilla. Let’s take a reality check: there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and has been since 1948 when Israel created the Gaza Strip. It increased in 1991, and more so since the siege. If there wasn’t a humanitarian crisis, it would mean that the siege had failed, and that breaking it would have no impact. Despite this, the last few years have seen an ever increasing amount of citizens seized by an uncontrollable ultra-patriotic compulsion, to support the government in all its mistakes, and to crucify whoever exposes their idiocy. With our silence, and with our consent we allow Liberman, Netanyahu, Ye’elon, and Barak to do whatever they please, as if they were the wisest of statesmen, instead of four ego-bloated, stubborn, swashbucklers that are going to sink us all with the next flotilla.

Let’s be honest for a second, had the take-over been conducted in exemplary order and silence, the action would have still been justified by the Israeli public. Had there been hundreds killed, the action would have been justified by the Israeli public. Had we sunk the entire flotilla for ‘security reasons’, the Israeli public would still have justify the action. It’s as if the army and the government can do no evil. All decisions are perfect, and Israel and its army are always right. Now, we have achieved a new record in head-nodding. An armed take-over of a civilian ship becomes (in our eyes) an ambush, not the aggressors which are armed with automatic weapons. They are presented as victims. The ten dead, are guilty of their own death, and the people in Gaza, they… Well, they deserve to starve, after offending the honor of our glorified commando unit. Armed soldiers taking over a ship that was not even bound for Israel, are the ones acting morally, and the passengers protecting themselves of the unwanted visitors are aggressive ambushers. We are viewing the world up-side down, and this is because there is a sort of automtization of thought that begins with the prideful answer: “We are right, IDF is right”, only after which, do thoughts and justifications come. Answer first, think later.

Auf Truth From Eretz Yisrael findet man den vollständigen Beitrag.

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