Montag, Januar 24, 2011

US-Studie: 90 Prozent aller Programme zur Erziehung über häusliche Gewalt fallen durch

A report released today by Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) shows nearly all federally-funded domestic violence education programs fail to meet minimum standards of accuracy, balance, and truthfulness. "At most one in 10 domestic violence training, education, and public awareness materials and programs are accurate, balanced, and truthful," reports SAVE.

(...) This distorted view of domestic violence has left many abused men with nowhere to turn. "One crisis call from an older gentleman will always stick out in my mind," recalls Lindi Jo Hall, a former hotline worker writing on facebook. "He was ashamed to go and file a police report, for fear of being belittled or looked down on by local police. His wife had broken his arm by twisting one too many times behind his back."

"My brother's ex showed a tape in divorce court of her beating on him. My brother has his hands on the car doing nothing. He comes home with bruises, and the court did nothing to her," wrote Kris Zegota, also on facebook. "Tell me, if it was reversed, would the man not be the worst thing to walk the earth? That is what our males have to endure now."

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