Samstag, April 10, 2010

"Passt auf, Frauenstudien – hier kommen die Männerstudien"

Der Anfang vom Ende des Feminismus ist soeben auch im akademischen Betrieb angekommen:

Not to be confused with men's studies, this new academic discipline is determined to take down feminism.
berichtet über die neuste akademische Disziplin.

Näheres erfährt man auch im Blog der Wirtschaftszeitung Forbes (wobei die Autorin von einer akademischen Richtung, die die feministische Ideologie kritisert, sichtlich nicht angetan ist):

The interdisciplinary study would examine the experience of modern males, particularly those under 35, in a moment in history when they are the minority of college graduates, the majority of suicide victims, have shorter life spans and increasingly suffer psychological problems.

The supporters of the new discipline believe that existing programs are biased toward feminist ideology and critique masculinity rather than study it. “Much of it has to do with the almighty females,” Tiger says. “A lot of feminist argument is just irritating.”

In dem Beitrag, auf den sich beide zitierten Artikel beziehen, heißt es:

Male studies will hold its first conference at the New York Academy of Medicine on Oct. 1 and 2, but AMSA already has an annual convention, which met in Atlanta late last month. The foundation will launch "Male Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal" next year (…).

Primary and secondary schools, as well as higher education, have been so heavily influenced by feminism, Tiger said, “that the academic lives of males are systematically discriminated against.” If the female-favoring gender gaps in postsecondary enrollment and graduation rates damaged a group other than males, “there would be an outcry.” But because men and boys are perceived to be a powerful group, few academics and policy makers see much of a problem.

Schritt für Schritt und eine kleine Entwicklung nach der anderen kommen wir dem Ende des institutionalisierten Männerhasses näher.