Mittwoch, Juli 21, 2010

"Guardian" berichtet über Deportationen von Kindern in Israel - Vorwurf der "ethnischen Säuberung" erhoben

Israel is set to expel scores of minors, along with their families, to their parents' country of origin. The criteria that determine who will get residency are rigid and arbitrary. Because of tight age restrictions and an even smaller window to get one's paperwork turned in (parents will have just three weeks to submit documents that might be impossible to obtain) many children will be left out in the cold.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Tel Aviv on Saturday night to rally against the deportations. The scene was heart rending. Little girls sat on a ledge, swinging their feet, holding a poster that read: "Don't deport us." A young boy gripped a sign with the message: "We are all Israeli children."

Noa Kaufman, an activist with Israeli Children, a grassroots movement founded specifically to advocate for the kids facing deportation, said that all must be allowed to stay. She remarked that the expulsion would not only damage the families of migrant workers, it would be harmful to Israel, as well, making the country "so white and so ugly".

It's a thinly veiled accusation of ethnic cleansing – something activists have shied away from during the year-long battle over the issue.

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