Montag, Mai 03, 2010

Sterblichkeitsraten: Kluft zwischen den Geschlechtern vergrößert sich

Neues aus dem Frauen unterdrückenden Patriarchat:

The most comprehensive assessment to date of global adult mortality appears today, April 30, in The Lancet . (…) Women overall have seen their health improve more than men have. In the 40 years between 1970 and 2010, adult mortality fell by 34 percent in women and 19 percent in men globally. The gap between adult male and female mortality widened by 27 percent in that period. (…) South Asia, and India in particular, had among the highest female mortality in the world in 1970. Both the region and the country have seen major declines. In 2010, it is better to be a woman in India than it was to be a man in the United States in 1997.

Hier findet man den vollständigen Artikel.