Montag, Dezember 13, 2010

England: Junge Frauen verdienen inzwischen mehr als junge Männer

Die Daily Mail berichtet.

Young women have reversed the gender gap and raced ahead of men in the pay stakes. Landmark official figures showed yesterday that a woman in her 20s working full-time will typically earn 2.1 per cent more than a man in her age group.

(...) The insistence that the Government must act to close a pay gap that, for many women, no longer exists brought a scathing response from some critics. Economist Ruth Lea, of the Arbuthnot Banking Group, said: ‘There is no pay gap for women who do not have children, and for women under the age of 40 the gap is now trivial. We always knew that single women were paid just as well as men. The idea that women are discriminated against was always a fantasy. I think the equality lobby will be running out of things to say.’

Noch einmal auf deutsch: "Die Vorstellung, dass Frauen diskriminiert werden, war immer schon eine Fantasie. Ich glaube, der Gleichstellungslobby gehen die Dinge aus, die sie sagen könnte." Mal schauen, wann man solche klaren Worte auch von hiesigen Persönlichkeiten hört.