Mittwoch, Februar 16, 2011

Holland bekommt eigenen Pornokanal für Frauen (Deutschland bald auch)

Welcome to the world of Dusk, the Dutch TV channel which claims to be the first in Europe providing non-stop pornography and erotica targeted at a female audience.

“We call it porna, to give the idea that it’s porn made for women, something different from traditional porno,” said Martijn Broersma, the man behind Dusk.

Set up three years ago, Dusk, with its distinctive chili pepper logo, now shows 24/7 on three Dutch networks including the Netherlands’ two largest cable providers, making it available to 1.2 million viewers.

“Women really like to see explicit content,” Broersma explained. “They want to have proof that it’s really happening, that it’s not fake.” (...) He plans to expand Dusk in Germany this year and has inquiries from several other countries. With the erotic TV market being squeezed by the internet, Broersma says cable companies realize they don’t have the luxury to ignore the female half their audience.

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