Freitag, März 20, 2009

Deutsche Muslime und die Israelfrage

Mehmet Daimaguler widmet sich in der israelischen Zeitung Haaretz antisemitischen Ressentiments, die von Muslimen ausgehen, und gelangt zu dem Fazit:

Integration is the best remedy to anti-Jewish sentiment among Muslims in Germany. How the majority population deals with this issue is extremely important. Integration is not a one-way street, and many problems need to be tackled. These include the fact that large portions of the native German population and decision-makers still have not yet fully accepted the fact that Germany is now indeed a country of immigrants. Racism remains an everyday issue. It has an impact on Turkish immigrants in particular and has been on the increase since 9/11, which many Germans have used as an excuse to camouflage their racism and fear of Islam.

The key to battling anti-Semitism is fuller integration of Muslim communities into German society. Our political leaders need to welcome immigrants by saying: immigration, and religious and cultural diversity are both our past and our future. We want to open our society to immigrants and would like our immigrants to open themselves to our society.