Samstag, Juli 11, 2009

"A murder that Germany ignored"

Anja Seeliger kommentiert im britischen "Guardian" das in der Tat höchst irritierende Verhalte deutscher Politiker und Journalisten, wenn es um Islamfeindlichkeit geht. Aufhänger ist immer noch die Bluttat von Dresden:

No mention that the witness was a Muslim woman. No mention that the playground quarrel had culminated in the defendant shouting at the woman "Islamist", "Muslim bitch" and "terrorist". The German press reported on the case on the back page and fell asleep. A few days later it was awakened by thousands of Egyptians who protested vociferously against the "Islamophobia" of the Germans.

Islamophobic? Us? Suddenly the German federal government, which had kept silent for nearly a week, found words of sorrow. And journalists started to write long articles about the astonishing reactions in Egypt.

I don't think Marwa's murder proves German "Islamophobia". But it proves a lack of interest in the reality of today's German society that is disturbing. And the more one thinks about it, the more disturbing it gets.

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