Freitag, April 28, 2006

noch 27. April

Die Doppelzüngigkeit der Neocons, wenn es um das hohe Gut der Meinungsfreiheit geht, ist inzwischen fast schon sprichwörtlich geworden. Aktuell veröffentlicht das Magazin Counterpunch dazu einen treffenden Artikel. Kostprobe:

--- Across the United States, there is growing evidence that the Israeli and neo-conservative lobbies are acquiring ever greater power. The cancellation by a New York theatre company of My Name is Rachel Corrie - a play based on the writings of the young American girl crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza in 2003 - has deeply shocked liberal Jewish Americans, not least because it was Jewish American complaints that got the performance pulled. "How can the West condemn the Islamic world for not accepting Mohamed cartoons," Philip Weiss asked in The Nation, "when a Western writer who speaks out on behalf of Palestinians is silenced? And why is it that Europe and Israel itself have a healthier debate over Palestinian human rights than we can have here?" ----

Wenn Weis hier von Europa spricht, sollte er Deutschland allerdings ausnehmen. In dieser Hinsicht sind wir im Herzen Amerikaner.