Freitag, Mai 13, 2011

Texas: Neues Gesetz zu DNS-Tests könnte Männer von unfairen Unterhaltsforderungen befreien

DNA testing has released hundreds of wrongfully convicted prisoners. It could also exonerate another group – men who’ve been paying child support for children they do not believe are theirs.

Trey Andrews works as a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy technician. He’d breathe a lot easier himself if he didn’t have a $300 a month child support payment.

“For a child I don’t ever get to see and haven’t seen for about 10 years that I’m 95 percent sure is not even my child,” Andrews said.

Senate Bill 785 would end the relationship, releasing him from child support payments through DNA testing.

(...) Both the House and the Senate passed this bill unanimously. If the govenor signs the bill, it would go into effect immediately.

CBS berichtet.