Donnerstag, Juni 09, 2011

Väter verklagen Israel vor den Vereinten Nationen

Five fathers who feel they have been systematically denied their basic human rights by the Israeli authorities and the justice system during long and drawn-out custody battles with the mothers of their children filed a petition with the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday against the State of Israel.

The five individual complaints, which all detail years of court rulings and decisions by the authorities to deny or limit the fathers’ access to their children, were filed collectively by the Coalition for Children and Family Israel (CCF), a non-profit organization that unites several bodies engaged in fighting for father’s rights.

Collectively, the petitions allege that Israel’s family laws and practices violate international conventions, deny men involved in divorce cases their basic human rights and accuse state-run authorities and courts of purposely disengaging fathers from their children.

“The status of a man in divorce proceedings in Israel is subject to institutionalized torture and denial of civil rights,” read the opening paragraphs of each five petitions, which also highlight the details of each individual case.

(Bevor die bei Kritik an Israel üblichen Vorwürfe des Antisemitismus laut werden: Dasselbe wäre natürlich bei etlichen anderen Staaten vorstellbar.)

Die Jerusalem Post berichtet.