Mittwoch, November 10, 2010

Guardian: German feminist calls family minister 'hopeless' and 'incompetent'

Jetzt hat auch die Auslandspresse das Thema entdeckt:

Germany's leading feminist campaigner and its minister for families, pensioners and women have locked horns over the role of feminism in relationships and the workplace, unsparingly attacking each other's views in a row that has escalated into a nationwide debate.

Alice Schwarzer, considered the country's foremost women's rights campaigner, labelled Kristina Schröder "hopeless" and "incompetent" after Schröder said she thought some of her views were wrong.

(...) The debate quickly drew sharp responses from leading German female politicians. Renate Künast, Green party candidate for Berlin mayor, said she was "flabbergasted" by Schröder's views, which she said were "crude" and "fuddy-duddy".

Wäre ich Brite, würde ich die Deutschen nach solchen Artikeln für leicht bekloppt halten.